Thursday, August 28, 2008

again with the jewelry......

Just got a newsletter from my (amazing, talented) friend Natalie Tischler over at Ornamental Things and WOW she has made tons of fabulous things in GREEN (for me?) - it's my favorite color and i am loving these 3 necklaces. Take a peek and if green isn't your favorite color, she has lots of other fab things for you. visit her website or stop by her booth at Austin City Limits Music Festival.........

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

boy do i love jewelry

I have been working part time at a jewelry store and starting to make some new things for myself. I finished this really cool green buddha necklace and matching bracelet a few days ago.

Ok, so i love it a lot but it seems i can never have enough when it comes to swanky adornments. If i had an unlimited budget, here are some things i found that i really am wanting to own and wear and just sit and look at (i know it is weird but sometimes i just sit and stare at my beads and jewelry - it's all so yummy - it inspires me to make more or just create really colorful things)
I think this Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet is gloriously gaudy - found on

S.W.A.K. - I love this "Adoring Fans" bracelet by Clever girl. I actually had 5-6 wonderfully funky, colorful designs of hers picked to show but chose this one as my most fav. Check out her jewelry - it's fab!

I really need to carry a bit of moss with me wherever i go - being a frog and all......... Isn't this just the coolest ring? Let's all get one today - check it out on etsy.

You all know how i groove on the vintage ads and images - so you are not surprised to see that i would be oh so happy happy to own this joy necklace by gee lizzie.

and last but not least - i am SO obsessed with this betsey johnson horse necklace - i tried it on at Neiman Marcus and haven't stopped thinking about it since. Hopefullly i will be wearing it the next time you see me! wouldn't that be great!?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

honey Bees

new collage - "roomscape - bee"
just thinking about the struggle our honey bees are
having and hoping we can save their populations.