Friday, May 29, 2009

illustration friday - Adapt

ok so right now you may be asking "What the heck does this collage have to do with the theme adapt???" well here's a little about the evolution of this morning's art:

I was excited to see the theme "adapt" for illustration friday since I have so many collages that speak of animals adapting to new environments. "I can just upload something I already created" i thought - but then that would totally not be cool. So I began to think about adapting and things I could and couldn't adapt too. At the same time, I started flipping through a Life magazine from the 60's. When I saw the photo of the dancers I immediately thought - wow - i would love to be a professional dancer but i don't know if i could adapt to the lifestyle - the long rehearsals, workouts etc.

So in went the dancing girls. Now my collage was started. I asked myself - what kind of dancer would I be? - aquatic ballet would be mega cool but then my mind wondered to something I read yesterday:

"As part of the 15th Annual Republic of Texas Biker Rally, motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel
will kick off his farewell tour with a jump over 180 feet of Budweiser trucks on Congress Avenue in front of the Texas Capitol."

and I thought - a daredevil dancer would be awesome!!!!!! So into the collage went the 1960's cars the girls are dancing on and then the final car jumping over them. And wahla! a lifestyle I could never adapt to - the DRAMA - the DANGER. but a fun collage to make and much safer than the real thing!

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Elizabeth Parsons said...

i like your telling of how you arrived at this collage- love your work!